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Pet Spaying from our Oklahoma City Veterinarian

Pet Spaying is performed on female animals, most often cats and dogs, to prevent them from reproducing and to improve their health. Spayed animals live longer and are less prone to certain cancers and infections. Most importantly, if you have your pet spayed at Lakeview Pet Hospital, she won't accidentally get pregnant and leave you with an unwanted litter.

Pet Spaying

How Your Oklahoma City Veterinarian Performs a Spay Surgery

Your Oklahoma City veterinarian will perform a general exam to ensure that your pet is healthy enough for surgery. Depending on your pet's age, breed, and the vet's personal preferences, he or she may elect to perform a blood test as well. Once the exam is over, your pet will be anesthetized.

Spay surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. Often, a combination of injectable and gas anesthesia is used. This is helpful because the gas anesthesia can be turned up and down as needed. An experienced veterinary professional will monitor your pet's heart rate, oxygen saturation and other vitals.

The surgery itself is started with an incision in the belly below the navel. Your pet will need to be shaved where the incision is made so that the area can be disinfected and hair does not get into the wound. Once the incision is made, the veterinarian carefully locates and removes the ovaries and uterus. Then your pet is stitched up and placed somewhere safe to wake up.

What to Expect When Your Pet is Spayed

For a period of time before the surgery, your pet may not be allowed to eat. Your veterinarian will tell you how long to withhold food, and if your pet requires fasting. In most cases, your pet will be able to eat dinner the night before but not have any breakfast.

After surgery, your pet will be groggy. She may appear to be in pain for a few days, as well. Your vet will give you post-surgical instructions about when your pet can start eating again, and he or she may also give you painkillers and antibiotics for her. Always give all of the medications prescribed by your veterinarian after surgery.

Some pets stay calm after surgery, but if your pet is exuberant, you may need to restrict her activity for a few days or a week. Most pets bounce back pretty quickly and are pretty much back to normal by the time the stitches come out. However, not all pets will have stitches because some vets use glue or dissolvable sutures.

Contact Us About Spaying Your Pet at Lakeview Pet Hospital

If you have any questions about spaying your pet, such as when the right time is, whether it is safe for her, or how we perform the surgery, feel free to call us at 405-848-2483. Our AAHA accredited veterinary staff will be glad to answer any questions and schedule surgery when you are ready to go ahead. Your pet is in safe hands at Lakeview Pet Hospital in Oklahoma City.