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Pet Neutering From Your Oklahoma City Veterinarian

At Lakeview Pet Hospital, we believe in the importance of keeping your pet healthy long term. One of the best ways to do that is to neuter the animal. When you neuter, you take several steps at improving your pet's quality of life while also ensuring that the pet population remains under control. If you are wondering if you should neuter or you are ready to have the process done by a trained and experienced professional, call your Oklahoma City veterinarian for an appointment.

Pet Neutering

What Are the Benefits of Neutering Your Pet?

When you neuter your male dog or cat, you and your pet are likely to see significant changes. For example, when you neuter an animal, it can prevent the onset of testicular cancer and some types of prostate problems. These medical concerns are avoided, protecting your pet's life. Additionally, dogs that are neutered are less likely to roam and stray from your home. On the other hand, an intact dog will work much harder to find a mate, and that often means escaping no matter what steps you have.

Additionally, neutered males are also less aggressive, friendlier, and better behaved overall. They are unlikely to spray in the home, and they are less worried about people visiting. Most importantly, neutering your pet means that you will do your part to reduce the number of dogs and cats euthanized each year because of a lack of homes.

When Should a Dog or Cat Be Neutered?

Dogs should be neutered between the ages of six and nine months or any time after that. A healthy dog that is eight weeks old can be neutered though most of the time we'll wait a bit longer. The older an animal is, the higher the risk of postoperative complications. We also will assess your pet for overall health to minimize these risks.

For cats, neutering should be considered around five to six months. This will help reduce the instances of spraying in your home while also ensuring the animal is healthy. Like with dogs, we'll make sure your pet is healthy before taking this step.

What to Expect from Your Veterinary Clinic

When you visit your veterinary clinic for an appointment, we'll talk about neutering your dog or cat including what is involved in the process. Generally, this is a very safe procedure conducted in our facility. Your pet is dropped off in the morning and most likely will go home with you later the same day. Our team will handle all blood work and diagnostics as necessary before and after the procedure. We may provide some antibiotics for your pet to take and recommend coming back for a follow-up to the surgery.

Schedule a Consultation for Neutering with Your Veterinarian in Oklahoma City Now

Call your veterinarian in Oklahoma City for an appointment and exam for neutering. We're here to help you: 405-848-2483.